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ISBN: 00010331151Learning to play better Tennis; ; Collins
ISBN: 00010338321The Mighty Magpie Book!; ; William Collins
ISBN: 00010610381Nature; Bailey, Kenneth; Collins
ISBN: 00013809071Merry Magic-Go-Round; Nister, Ernest; Collins
ISBN: 00014416391The Shoemaker and the Elves; Collins
ISBN: 00016022921Sea Witch comes Home; Saville, Malcolm; Collins
ISBN: 00016110111Heidi; Spyri, Johanna; Collins
ISBN: 00016200531Just William's Luck; Crompton, Richmal; Collins
ISBN: 00016213861Jennings, of Course; Buckeridge, Anthony; Collins
ISBN: 00016214591According to Jennings; Buckeridge, Anthony; Collins
ISBN: 00016320271The Mystery that Never Was; Blyton, Enid; Collins
ISBN: 00016321591Adventures on Willow Farm; Blyton, Enid; Collins
ISBN: 00017001541How the Grinch stole Christmas; Seuss, Dr; Collins
ISBN: 00017130431The Cat in the Hat comes back; Seuss, Dr; Collins
ISBN: 00017130941Hop on Pop; Seuss, Dr; Collins
ISBN: 00017132211Are you my Mother?; Eastman, Philip Dey; Collins
ISBN: 00017132801Hugh Lofting's Travels of Doctor Dolittle; Perkins, Al; Collins
ISBN: 00018210321Paddington helps out; Bond, Michael; Collins
ISBN: 00018210751Paddington at Work; Bond, Michael; Collins
ISBN: 00018314611Precisely Pig; Berthoud, Michael; Collins
ISBN: 00018315851Drakstail Vists The King; Philip, Neil; Collins
ISBN: 00018317201Hymns for Children; Laird, Elizabeth; Collins
ISBN: 00018392171Simple pictures are best; Willard, Nancy; Collins
ISBN: 00018401421The Boy who won the Pools; MacDonald, Gerard; Collins
ISBN: 00018404361The Bee Rustlers; Needle, Jan; Collins
ISBN: 00018404951Bike Run; Wilmer, Diane; Collins
ISBN: 00018406141Beyond the Dragon Prow; Leeson, Robert; Collins
ISBN: 00018411301The Year of the Stranger; McLean, Allan Campbell; Collins
ISBN: 00018412382Chad and the Elephant Engine; Stover, Marjorie Filley; Collins
ISBN: 00018412461The Adventures of Baxter and Co.; Leeson, Robert; Collins
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