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ISBN: 00018423901Crocodile Creek: The Crockers on Holiday; Hawkins, Colin and Jacqui; Collins
ISBN: 00018426921The Gifts of the Tarns; Taylor, Elisabeth Russell; Collins
ISBN: 00018428891Granny Reardun; Garner, Alan; Collins
ISBN: 00018436991Shadow of Wings; Paice, Margaret; Collins
ISBN: 00018437371Roma Mercedes and Fred; Ray, N. L.; Collins
ISBN: 00018443421Uncharted Voyage; Cave, Hugh Barnett; Collins
ISBN: 00018445201Look through Any Window; Drake, Tony; Collins
ISBN: 00018445631Lorna Doone; Blackmore, R. D.; Collins
ISBN: 00018450202Miss Bianca; Sharp, Margery; Collins
ISBN: 00018451441Mum's Place; Ottley, Reginald; Collins
ISBN: 00018451521Maroon Boy; Leeson, Robert; Collins
ISBN: 00018451951Me Too; Cleaver, Vera and Cleaver, Bill; Collins
ISBN: 00018456321Sea Story; Barklem, Jill; Collins
ISBN: 00018460781There will be a Next Time; Drake, Tony; Collins
ISBN: 00018462641Out of the World and Back Again; Nye, Robert; Collins
ISBN: 00018463021Playing it Right; Drake, Tony; Collins
ISBN: 00018464421In the Night; Shipton, Jonathan; Collins
ISBN: 00018468331The Invitation; Smee, Nicola; Collins
ISBN: 00018471201Shiva; Brennan, James Herbert; Collins
ISBN: 00018474651The Secret of the Indian; Banks, Lynne Reid; Collins
ISBN: 00018477321Snake!; Mitchison, Naomi; Collins
ISBN: 00018477671Sunshine Island Moonshine Baby; Cherrington, Clare; Collins
ISBN: 00018478561Sea-Urchin; Cordell, Alexander; Collins
ISBN: 00018478991Scorpions; Myers, Walter Dean; Collins
ISBN: 00018481001A Likely Lad; Avery, Gillian; Collins
ISBN: 00018481191Toby Tyler; Otis, James; Collins
ISBN: 00018493871Where It Stops, Nobody Knows; Ehrlich, Amy; Collins
ISBN: 00018500751Dolan's Roost; Paice, Margaret; Collins
ISBN: 00018502611Anna Yesterday; Miller, Ellen; Collins
ISBN: 00019138081Cats Know Best; Eisler, Colin; Collins
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