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ISBN: 97818401167171A Christmas Celebration; Tyrrell, Avril; Templar Publishing
ISBN: 97818420541161Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass; Carroll, Lewis; Geddes & Grosset
ISBN: 97818425557291The Slave-Girl from Jerusalem; Lawrence, Caroline; Orion
ISBN: 97818427059191UFO Diary; Kitamura, Satoshi; Andersen Press
ISBN: 97818427074321I'm Coming to get you!; Ross, Tony; Andersen Press
ISBN: 97818436227101The Orchard Book of Aesop's Fables; Morpurgo, Michael; Orchard Books
ISBN: 97818444027621Meg on the Moon (Book and CD); Nicoll, Helen; Puffin
ISBN: 97818453538721Dennis and Gnasher 2010 Annual; D. C. Thomson
ISBN: 97818453552101The Dandy Annual 2015; D. C. Thomson
ISBN: 97818453926421Tinyrannosaurus and the Bigfootosaurus!; Ward, Nick; Meadowside
ISBN: 97818460729701The Clockwise Man; Richards, Justin; BBC Books
ISBN: 97818460730451Doctor Who - The Resurrection Casket; Richards, Justin; BBC Books
ISBN: 97818460731061The Doctor Who Collection; Ted Smart
ISBN: 97818460734721Doctor Who: The Pirate Loop; Guerrier, Simon; BBC Books
ISBN: 97818471501031Lost in the Snow; Webb, Holly; Stripes Publishing
ISBN: 97818474501351Border Peel; Hill, Lorna; Girls Gone By
ISBN: 97818474501591The Only Day-Girl; Moore, Dorothea; Girls Gone By
ISBN: 97818474501731Goblin Island; Oxenham, Elsie Jeanette; Girls Gone By
ISBN: 97818474501971The School in the Woods; Bruce, Dorita Fairlie; Girls Gone By
ISBN: 97818474503571Kate at Melling; Biggs, Margaret; Girls Gone By
ISBN: 97818474504251The New House at Winwood; Mallory, Clare; Girls Gone By
ISBN: 97818474504871Another Country; MacKenzie, James; Girls Gone By
ISBN: 97818474504941The New School and Hilary; Darch, Winifred; Girls Gone By
ISBN: 97818474505001Toby at Tibbs Cross; Bruce, Dorita Fairlie; Girls Gone By
ISBN: 97818474505621The Thursday Kidnapping; Forest, Antonia; Girls Gone By
ISBN: 97818474505791Northern Lights; Hill, Lorna; Girls Gone By
ISBN: 97818474505931The Wild Lorings at School; Courtney, Gwendoline; Girls Gone By
ISBN: 97818474506161Val Forrest in the Fifth; Smith, Evelyn; Girls Gone By
ISBN: 97818474506231The Serendipity Shop; Bruce, Dorita Fairlie; Girls Gone By
ISBN: 97818474507081More about Mandy; Hill, Lorna; Girls Gone By
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