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1. Malcolm Saville's Seaside Book by Malcolm Saville
Malcolm Saville's Seaside Book
By Malcolm Saville
1st Thus edition, 1974, Carousel.
ISBN: 0552540544.
Covers worn and a little creased.
Pages slightly tanned.
Good condition.
#104831   £3.50   
2. Susan, Bill and the Wolf-dog by Malcolm Saville
Susan, Bill and the Wolf-dog
By Malcolm Saville
Illustrator Lilian Buchanan.
Reprint, 1974, Knight Books.
ISBN: 034004022X.
Light wear to covers.
Pages slightly tanned.
Good condition.
#104830   £3.00   
3. The St Michael Book of Bambi Favourites by Walt Disney
The St Michael Book of Bambi Favourites
By Walt Disney
Illustrator Walt Disney.
Reprint, 1980, Marks and Spencer.
ISBN: 0361042965.
Pictorial laminated boards.
Light wear to covers.
Names written rather messily on front endpaper.
Contents clean, but a few corners are creased.
Good condition.
#104829   £2.00   
4. The Cut-Ups by James Marshall
The Cut-Ups
By James Marshall
Illustrator James Marshall.
1st British edition, 1985, Bodley Head.
ISBN: 0370306759.
Pictorial laminated boards.
Two mischievous boys get away with a lot of pranks, until they meet a girl as clever as they are.
Covers and contents clean and unmarked.
Very good condition.
#104828   £2.50   
5. Why elephant has a trunk by Claudia Lloyd
Why elephant has a trunk
By Claudia Lloyd
Illustrator Celestine Wamiru.
1st edition, 2010, Puffin.
ISBN: 9780141339863.
25cm x 25cm.
Covers a little worn.
Name written on prelims.
Some pages dog-eared, and some light creasing.

Tinga Tinga Tales, inspired by traditional animal stories from Africa.
Good condition.
#104827   £1.50   
6. He Bear, She Bear by Stan Berenstain
He Bear, She Bear
By Stan Berenstain
Illustrator J. Berenstain.
Reprint, 1975, Collins.
Paper-covered boards.
Book Club edition: A Bright and Early Book.
Light wear to edges of covers.
Good condition.
#104826   £2.50   
7. A Treasury of Classic Stories
A Treasury of Classic Stories
2013, Parragon.
ISBN: 9781472323408.
Edited by Laura Baker.
Pictorial paper-covered boards.
192 pages.
Eight abridged retellings of classical children's stories.
Colour illustrations throughout.
Various authors and illustrators.
Very good condition.
#104825   £4.00   
8. The Vikings by Jackie Gaff
The Vikings
By Jackie Gaff
Illustrator James Field.
1st edition, 2002, Parragon.
ISBN: 0752578243.
Laminated boards.
32 pages.
Short text, bright illustrations, index at rear.
Very good condition.
#104824   £3.50   
9. The Emoji Movie 2018
The Emoji Movie 2018
1st edition, 2017, Centum.
ISBN: 9781911460701.
61 pages.
Appears to be unread.
Fine condition.
#104823   £3.00   
10. Watch them grow by Linda Martin
Watch them grow
By Linda Martin
Illustrator Sandra Pond.
1st British edition, 1994, Dorling Kindersley.
ISBN: 0751351350.
Pictorial laminated boards.
45 pages.
A first reference book on animals and how they grow.
Short text, large print, with clear illustrations.
Light wear to edges of covers.
Very good condition.
#104822   £3.50   
11. Bartholomew Bear: Five toddler tales by Virginia Miller
Bartholomew Bear: Five toddler tales
By Virginia Miller
Illustrator Virginia Miller.
1st Thus edition, 2000, Ted Smart.
ISBN: 0744575788.
Laminated pictorial boards.
Dustwrapper repeats cover design.
Five tales published in one book.
Light wear to edges of dustwrapper.
Book and contents VG.
Very good condition with dust-wrapper.
#104821   £4.00   
12. Illustrated Stories for Children
Illustrated Stories for Children
1st edition, 2009, Usborne Publishing Ltd..
ISBN: 9781409507659.
Light blue pictorial laminated boards.
510 pages.
A collection of stories, both traditional and modern.
Minor wear to edges of covers.
Very good condition.
#104820   £4.50   
13. Stone Cold by Robert Swindells
Stone Cold
By Robert Swindells
Reprint, 1997, Heinemann.
ISBN: 0435124684.
Pictorial laminated boards.
100 pages.
Author won the Carnegie Medal winner.
A few small marks on half title and facing page.
Generally VG in other respects.
Good condition.
#104819   £3.00   
14. Jack and the Beanstalk
Jack and the Beanstalk
Illustrator Katie Saunders.
2011, Make Believe Ideas, Ltd..
ISBN: 1780650930.
30cm x 30cm.
A re-working of the fairy tale.
Short text, bright illustrations.
Minor wear to covers and contents.
Very good condition.
#104818   £3.50   
15. The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson
The Gruffalo
By Julia Donaldson
Illustrator Axel Scheffler.
Reprint, 1999, Macmillan.
ISBN: 9780333710937.
Light wear to covers.
Name written neatly on prelims.
Contents clean and unmarked.
Very good condition.
#104817   £3.00   
16. There's an awful lot of weirdos in our neighbourhood by Colin McNaughton
There's an awful lot of weirdos in our neighbourhood
By Colin McNaughton
Reprint, 1997, Walker Books.
ISBN: 0744514045.
Covers worn.
Belongs To box neatly completed.
Contents generally VG.
Good condition.
#104816   £2.00   
17. Tiger Dreams by Gerald Rose
Tiger Dreams
By Gerald Rose
Illustrator Gerald Rose.
3rd edition, 1999, Cambridge University Press.
ISBN: 0521559707.
24 pages.
Stories of Childhood.
An incident from the author's childhood described very simply.
Very good condition.
#104815   £2.50   
18. We love you, Hugless Douglas! by David Melling
We love you, Hugless Douglas!
By David Melling
Illustrator David Melling.
1st edition, 2013, Hodder Children's Books.
ISBN: 9780750058506.
26cm x 26cm.
Short text, large print.
Very good condition.
#104814   £3.00   
19. Anne Frank's Diary by Anne Frank
Anne Frank's Diary
By Anne Frank
1980, Guild Publishing.
Translated from the Dutch by B. M. Mooyaart.
Maroon leatherette boards.
Gilt lettering on spine.
Gilt decoration on covers.
228 pages.
Both binding and book contents are firm, clean and without writing or any other marks.
Very good condition.
#104813   £5.00   
20. A Bottled Cherry Angel by Jean Ure
A Bottled Cherry Angel
By Jean Ure
1st edition, 1986, Hutchinson.
ISBN: 0091652804.
Pictorial laminated boards.
151 pages.
Minimal library markings.
Covers and contents clean, tight and unmarked.
Good condition, ex-library.
#104812   £3.00   
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