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961. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by Clive Staples Lewis
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
By Clive Staples Lewis
Illustrator Pauline Diana Baynes.
Reprint, 1988, Fontana Lions.
ISBN: 0006734316.
171 pages.
Eight pages of colour photographs taken from the film, plus Pauline Baynes' line illustrations.
Light wear to covers.
Very good condition.
#106800   £3.00   
962. The Piper of Dreams by Terry Pitts Fenby
The Piper of Dreams
By Terry Pitts Fenby
Illustrator Bill Bruce.
2nd edition, 1982, Hodder and Stoughton.
ISBN: 0340286067.
29 pages.
A treasure hunt book within the British Isles.
Spine faded.
Very good condition.
#106799   £3.00   
963. Things to make from junk by Alice Woudhuysen
Things to make from junk
By Alice Woudhuysen
Circa 1970, Printing Arts Limited.
30cm x 21cm.
Suggestions for creating toys and ornaments from discarded household containers.
Covers worn and creased.
Good condition.
#106797   £2.00   
964. Family Card Games by P. R. Jackson
Family Card Games
By P. R. Jackson
Reprint, 1984, Strawberry Hill Press.
ISBN: 0713514957.
64 pages.
Light wear to covers.
Descriptions of 30 different type of card game.
Foxing on prelims and back cover.
Good condition.
#106796   £2.00   
965. The superbook of games to make and play by P. Hiaso
The superbook of games to make and play
By P. Hiaso
Revised edition, 1987, Kingfisher Books.
ISBN: 0862723159.
40 pages.
Co-authors and illustrators, Neil Lorimer, Nick Williams.
Clear instructions on how to make board games.
Rules for playing found at rear of book.
Very good condition.
#106795   £3.50   
966. Professor Noah's Spaceship by Brian Wildsmith
Professor Noah's Spaceship
By Brian Wildsmith
Illustrator Brian Wildsmith.
Reprint, 1986, Oxford University Press.
ISBN: 0192721496.
A modern version of the story of Noah's Ark.
Very good condition.
#106794   £5.00   
967. Talking to the Sun
Talking to the Sun
1st English edition, 1886, Viking Kestrel.
ISBN: 0670814504.
Edited by Kenneth Koch.
Laminated boards.
Dustwrapper repeats cover design.
24cm x 24cm.
112 pages.
"An Illustrated Anthology of Poems for Young People" selected and introduced by Kenneth Koch and Kate Farrell.
The illustrations for each poem are reproductions of paintings in the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.
The dustwrapper is price-clipped.
Otherwise the book appears unused.
Fine condition with dust-wrapper.
#106793   £15.00   
968. The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan
The Pilgrim's Progress
By John Bunyan
Illustrator Joanna Troughton.
Reprint, 1987, Blackie.
ISBN: 0216922380.
Yellow laminated boards.
Red lettering on covers.
Dustwrapper repeats cover design.
158 pages.
Story retold by James Reeves.
This version originally entitled 'Quest and Conquest'.
Neat gift dedication on front endpaper.
Very good condition.
#106789   £7.50   
969. Seal Morning by Rowena Farre
Seal Morning
By Rowena Farre
Illustrator Raymond Sheppard.
11th edition, 1963, Hutchinson.
Red cloth-covered boards.
Gilt lettering on spine.
177 pages.
The author's account of her childhood on a Scottish croft, surrounded by rescued animals.
Only minor wear to dustwrapper, ad some light foxing at edges.
Covers and contents in near-fine condition.
Very good condition with dust-wrapper.
#106788   £5.00   
970. The Refugees by B. Schmidt-Eller
The Refugees
By B. Schmidt-Eller
Reprint, 1970, Scripture Union.
ISBN: 0854211799.
Light wear to edges of covers.
Pages slightly tanned.
Very good condition.
#106785   £2.50   
971. Mary Poppins Comes Back by Pamela Lyndon Travers
Mary Poppins Comes Back
By Pamela Lyndon Travers
Illustrator Mary Shepard.
1st Thus edition, 1968, Puffin.
Covers worn and scuffed.
Spine ends reinforced with tape.
Pages tanned.
Reading condition.
#106779   £3.00   
972. Moshie Cat by Helen Griffiths
Moshie Cat
By Helen Griffiths
Illustrator Shirley Hughes.
Reprint, 1973, Piccolo.
ISBN: 0330232630.
"The true adventures of a Mallorcan kitten".
Covers worn and a little creased.
Pages slightly tanned.
Good condition.
#106778   £2.50   
973. Off to Brittany by Olive M. Ham
Off to Brittany
By Olive M. Ham
1st Thus edition, 1976, Pickering & Inglis.
ISBN: 0720822394.
Light wear.
Small scuff on front endpaper.
Very good condition.
#106777   £2.00   
974. Duggie the Digger and his Friends by Michael Prescott
Duggie the Digger and his Friends
By Michael Prescott
Illustrator Gerry Downes.
1st edition, 1972, Puffin.
ISBN: 0140305327.
Covers worn and creased.
Name written on front cover.
Name written inside front cover.
Top corner of front endpaper clipped.
Pages tanned.
Good condition.
#106776   £1.50   
975. Mulroy's Magic by Marjorie-Ann Watts
Mulroy's Magic
By Marjorie-Ann Watts
Illustrator Marjorie-Ann Watts.
Reprint, 1979, Puffin.
ISBN: 0140307915.
Covers worn and creased.
Pages tanned.
Reading condition.
#106775   £1.50   
976. The Saddlebag Hero by Sian Lewis
The Saddlebag Hero
By Sian Lewis
Illustrator Karen Heywood.
Reprint, 1990, Young Piper.
ISBN: 033031288X.
Light wear to covers.
Pages tanned.
Good condition, ex-library.
#106774   £2.00   
977. Burglar Bells by John Escott
Burglar Bells
By John Escott
Illustrator Maureen Bradley.
1986, Puffin.
ISBN: 014031895X.
Light wear to covers.
Pages tanned.
Good condition, ex-library.
#106773   £2.00   
978. Everyday words for numbers by J. McNally and W. Murray
Everyday words for numbers
By J. McNally and W. Murray
Illustrator Kenneth Inns.
Revised edition, circa 1975, Wills and Hepworth.
ISBN: 0721400426.
Pictorial paper-covered boards.
Very good condition.
#106770   £3.00   
979. Jesus Calls his Disciples by Lucy Diamond
Jesus Calls his Disciples
By Lucy Diamond
Illustrator Kenneth Inns.
Reprint, circa 1974, Wills and Hepworth.
ISBN: 0721401570.
Pictorial paper-covered boards.
Light wear to covers.
Neat gift dedication inside front cover.
Good condition.
#106769   £2.50   
980. Lightning Strikes Twice by Dick King-Smith
Lightning Strikes Twice
By Dick King-Smith
Illustrator Abigale Pizer.
Reprint, 1993, Mammoth.
ISBN: 074970733X.
Pages slightly tanned.
Very good condition.
#106760   £2.00   
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