Rupert Annuals by Story Name

The older Rupert annuals do not include a copyright date, and this can make it difficult to identify them. These pages are provided to help our customers determine the date of their Rupert annuals more easily.

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Adventures In The Snows (1939)Air Smugglers (1940)Algy And The Bee (1949)
Algy And The Smugglers (1937)Algy and the Cannibals (1953)Algy and the Cannibals (1936)
Arrows (1952)At Sandy Bay (1942)Autumn Adventure (1936)
Autumn Primrose (1955)Baby Badger (1941)Backroom Boy (1954)
Bandits Cave (1956)Banjo (1943)Beppo And The Kite (1939)
Beppo and the Duck (1946)Big Bang (1950)Big Game Hunt (1943)
Bill and the Bluebells (1940)Bill and the Merboy (1947)Bill and the Pearls (1936)
Bingo (1946)Bingo's Trail (1945)Black Cat (1947)
Black Moth (1943)Blue Balloon (1948)Blue Firework (1955)
Blue Moon (1956)Blue Mountain (1946)Caravan (1952)
Cartwheels (1942)Castaway (1954)Cedric (1948)
Chinese Crackers (1937)Christmas Adventure (1936)Christmas Tree (1947)
Climbing Adventure (1956)Coon Island (1946)Cough Drop (1955)
Courier Bird (1939)Crackerjack (1957)Curcus Dog (1943)
Dog Toby (1937)Dr Lion (1951)Dragon Pills (1954)
Dull Day (1951)Dutch Doll (1944)Elephants (1952)
Elfin Bell (1951)Empty Cottage (1950)Fairy Cycle (1945)
Fire (1942)Floods (1937)Flying Bottle (1937)
Flying Sorcerer (1956)Forest Fire (1941)Friendly Sea-Lion (1954)
Goblin Cobbler (1939)Gooseberry Fool (1950)Granny Goat (1944)
Green Buzzer (1953)Half Crowns (1939)Hobby Horse (1948)
In the Treetops (1938)Iron Key (1943)Island Adventure (1949)
Jack Frost (1948)Jack-In-The-Box (1939)Jock (1945)
Jumping Fish (1950)King Frost (1940)Koko (1947)
Lion Rock (1957)Little Men (1937)Little Plane (1942)
Little Woodman (1941)Lost Boat (1941)Magic Stock (1948)
Magic Top (1949)Margot's House (1950)Marvellous Bat (1940)
Miranda (1953)Missing Pieces (1953)Mr Punch (1951)
Mystery Pond (1941)Mystery Voice (1944)Mysteryland (1953)
Mysteryland (1938)New Pal (1949)Old Map (1944)
Old Ruin (1942)Omedod (1942)Paper Chase (1938)
Paper Kettle (1947)Paper Plane (1950)Peter (1938)
Pine Ogre (1957)Piper (1943)Podgy (1946)
Poll Parrot (1955)Pong-Ping (1938)Pong-Ping's Party (1949)
Prince of China (1946)Puppy Hunt (1948)Queer Path (1951)
Rainy Adventure (1944)Rastus (1946)Red Egg (1941)
River Adventure (1943)Rocket Plane (1946)Rocky Bay (1953)
Rosalie (1948)Runaways (1951)Rupert And Golly (1943)
Rupert And Ninky (1949)Rupert And Rollo (1944)Rupert And Snuffy (1944)
Rupert And Tiger Lilly (1943)Rupert's Birthday (1943)Rupert's Bonfire (1939)
Rupert's Good Turn (1943)Sea Serpent (1942)Sea Sprites (1952)
Silver Trumpet (1950)Sketch Book (1954)Sleepy Pears (1948)
Snow Machine (1937)Snuff Box (1952)Strange Airman (1939)
Strange Party (1944)Sugar Bird (1941)The Black Daffodils (1938)
The Cuckoo (1945)The Cuckoo Clock (1938)The Iceberg (1940)
The Lucky Man (1951)The Magic Dart (1946)The Mare's Nest (1952)
The Music Man (1945)The Pedlar (1940)The Rainbow (1948)
The Reindeer (1945)The Ruby Ring (1938)The Silver Trowel (1940)
The Top Hat (1947)The Turnips (1945)The Wavy Wand (1947)
Three Guides (1950)Ting-Ling (1951)Tiny Flute (1944)
Travel Machine (1950)Twins (1949)Uncle Bruno (1940)
Uncle Grizzly (1949)Unknow Journey (1955)Unlucky Simon (1956)
Willie (1945)Wind Whistle (1957)Winter Journey (1945)
Woffle Fly (1947)Wonderful Kite (1936)Wrong Presents (1942)
Yellow Cloak (1944)Young Dragon (1947)Young Imp (1949)
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