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Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe

Illustrations by Vojtech Kubasta

Published by Bancroft circa .

22cm x 32cm.
18 pages.
Thick card covers.
Covers and page contoured at top corner to match the wings and tail of the macaw depicted on the front cover.
Clear window in front cover shows through to Crusoe looking through his telescope on the first page.
Front cover opens to a pop-up scene of Crusoe and Friday.
Back cover opens to a more complex pop-up diorama of Crusoe's hut.
Between the two pop-ups is an abridged version of Defoe's story of Robinson Crusoe.
There is some wear and bumping to the corners of the covers where they are contoured, but the covers are otherwise in excellent condition.
Contents are clean, and the colours bright, and the pop-ups are in good working order.
Very good condition.


Catalogue Number: #110004

Price: £100.00

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