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1. A Storm without Rain by Jan Adkins
A Storm without Rain
By Jan Adkins
1st edition, 1983, Little, Brown & Co..
ISBN: 0316010847.
Blue covers, black lettering on spine.
Covers marked and stained.
Good condition.
#78206   £3.00   
2. Jungle Sounds by Rebecca Emberley
Jungle Sounds
By Rebecca Emberley
Illustrator Rebecca Emberley.
1st edition, 1989, Little, Brown & Co..
ISBN: 0316236365.
Good condition.
#72847   £4.50   
3. Long Shot for Paul by Matt Christopher
Long Shot for Paul
By Matt Christopher
Illustrator Karen Meyer Swearingen.
Reprint, 1990, Little, Brown & Co..
ISBN: 0316142441.
Covers reinforced with vinyl laminate.
VG in other respects.
Good condition, ex-library.
#83930   £1.50   
4. Something Special by David McPhail
Something Special
By David McPhail
Illustrator David McPhail.
Reprint, 1988, Little, Brown & Co..
ISBN: 0316563242.
Laminated boards.
Originally published in USA.
Appears to be unread.
Fine condition.
#103224   £3.00