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1. A Pact with Death by Dennis Hamley
A Pact with Death
By Dennis Hamley
1998, Scholastic.
ISBN: 0590193945.
2nd book in Joslin de Lay Mysteries series.
Very good condition.
#103639   £2.00   
2. Angie's First class by Donald J. Sobol
Angie's First class
By Donald J. Sobol
Reprint, 1981, Scholastic.
ISBN: 0590721828.
136 pages.
Covers worn.
Pages tanned.
Reading condition.
#86880   £1.00   
3. April Fools by Richie Tankersley Cusick
April Fools
By Richie Tankersley Cusick
Reprint, 1991, Scholastic.
ISBN: 0590764209.
218 pages.
Slight wear to covers.
Very good condition.
#82994   £2.00   
4. Attack of the Vampirates by Martin Oliver
Attack of the Vampirates
By Martin Oliver
Illustrator Gary Chalk.
Reprint, 1993, Scholastic.
ISBN: 0590540955.
Very good condition with dust-wrapper.
#70378   £3.50   
5. Bad Dog and all that Hollywood HooHah by Martin Chatterton
Bad Dog and all that Hollywood HooHah
By Martin Chatterton
1st edition, 2002, Scholastic.
ISBN: 043999442X.
176 pages.
Pages tanned.
Slight wear to covers.
Good condition.
#88453   £1.50   
6. Blind Outlaw by Glen Rounds
Blind Outlaw
By Glen Rounds
Illustrator Glen Rounds.
Reprint, 1980, Scholastic.
ISBN: 0590721615.
Pictorial covers.
80 pages.
Small crease to lower corner of front cover.
Pages tanned.
Very good condition.
#98947   £1.00   
7. Blitz - The Diary of Edie Benson by Vince Cross
Blitz - The Diary of Edie Benson
By Vince Cross
Reprint, 2001, Scholastic.
ISBN: 0439997410.
Fine condition.
#102621   £3.00   
8. Bobby the Bad by Dick King-Smith
Bobby the Bad
By Dick King-Smith
Reprint, 1995, Scholastic.
ISBN: 0590132784.
131 pages.
Light wear to covers, and a little creasing.
Pages tanned.
Good condition.
#106125   £2.00   
9. Brave Norman by Andrew Clements
Brave Norman
By Andrew Clements
Illustrator Ellen Beier.
Reprint, 2002, Scholastic.
ISBN: 0439450721.
32 pages.
'Pets to the Rescue'.
True stories of animals that saved people's lives.
Covers a little worn.
Contents clean and unmarked.
Very good condition.
#99764   £1.50   
10. Cartoon fun by Frank Rodgers
Cartoon fun
By Frank Rodgers
Illustrator Frank Rodgers.
1st edition, 1990, Scholastic.
#68745   £3.50   
11. Crashing by Chris Wooding
By Chris Wooding
1st edition, 1998, Scholastic.
ISBN: 0590543474.
154 pages.
Very good condition.
#87893   £2.50   
12. Crazy Weekend by Gary Soto
Crazy Weekend
By Gary Soto
1st edition, 1994, Scholastic.
ISBN: 0590478141.
Red covers, gilt lettering.
Very good condition with dust-wrapper.
#80362   £4.50   
13. Dabble Duck by Anne Leo Ellis
Dabble Duck
By Anne Leo Ellis
Illustrator Sue Truesdell.
1st British edition, 1987, Scholastic.
ISBN: 0590705407.
A Hippo Book.
Light wear to covers.
Contents clean.
Very good condition.
#107209   £2.00   
14. Davie's Wee Dog by William MacKellar
Davie's Wee Dog
By William MacKellar
Illustrator Barry Wilkinson.
1st Thus edition, 1970, Scholastic.
Covers a little worn.
Spine faded.
Pages tanned.
Good condition.
#103344   £2.00   
15. Dawn Rider by Jan Hudson
Dawn Rider
By Jan Hudson
1st Thus edition, 1992, Scholastic.
ISBN: 0590449877.
173 pages.
Pages tanned.
A little wear to edges of covers.
Good condition.
#84248   £3.00   
16. Dogsong by Gary Paulsen
By Gary Paulsen
Reprint, 1985, Scholastic.
ISBN: 059043893X.
Covers worn.
Set in Alaska.
Good condition.
#83679   £1.50   
17. Escape on Monday by Dianne Doubtfire
Escape on Monday
By Dianne Doubtfire
1970, Scholastic.
ISBN: 0590030183.
Slight wear to covers.
Very good condition.
#84061   £1.00   
18. Farm by Penelope Arlon
By Penelope Arlon
Reprint, 2012, Scholastic.
ISBN: 9781407131498.
Discover More series.
Laminated pictorial boards.
19cm x 23cm.
32 pages.
A first reference book.
Minor wear to covers.
Very good condition.
#104767   £3.00   
19. Fast Friends by James Stevenson
Fast Friends
By James Stevenson
Illustrator James Stevenson.
Reprint, 1979, Scholastic.
ISBN: 0590722026.
64 pages.
Light wear to covers.
Pages tanned.
Good condition.
#100068   £5.00   
20. Football Mad 3 - Hat-Trick by Paul Stewart
Football Mad 3 - Hat-Trick
By Paul Stewart
Illustrator David Kearney.
1st edition, 1999, Scholastic.
ISBN: 0439011140.
106 pages.
Covers creased.
Pages slightly tanned.
Good condition.
#83073   £2.25   
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