List of Keywords

A list of keywords used in our catalogue; click on the links to see titles relevant to that keyword/keyphrase.

11th Century 13th Century 14th Century
15th Century 16th Century 1798 rebellion
17th Century 18th Century 1930s
19th Century 6th Century 8th Century
9th Century Aardvark ABC
Aboriginal Abraham Abyssinia
Accident Action Action Rhymes
Activity book Adolescence Adoption
Adventure Aeroplane Aesop
Afghan Hound Africa African
African-American Afro-American Air
Aircraft Airplane Alaska
Alaskan Alcohol Alcoholism
Alfred Hitchcock Alice Alien
Allegory Alps America
American American Family American Football
American Indian American West Anatomy
Ancient Greece Angling Anglo-Saxon
Animal Animal fantasy Animal Rights
Animals Anorexia Antarctic
Antarctica Antholgy Anthology
Antiquarian Apartheid Arab
Archaeology Archeology Arctic
Ark Armada Army
Art Arthurian Asia
Asterix Astronomy Athletics
Atlas Australia Australian
Austria Autism Autobiography
Aviation Aztec B.B.C.
Babies Badgers Balkans
Ballet Band Basketball
Basuto Batman Bats
BBC Beano Bear
Bears Beatrix Potter Bee
Beezer Belsen Bengal
Bereavment Berkshire Bible
Bible Stories Biblical Biggles
Bike Billy Bunter Biography
Biology Bird Bird Spotting
Birds Blackberry Farm Blindness
Blue Mountains Blue Peter Boadiccea
Board Book Boarding School Boer War
Bonnie Prince Charlie Bookano Botany
Botswana Boxed Set Boxing
Boys' School Brazil Brent Dyer
Brer Rabbit Breton Bridge
Britain British Brittany
Bronze Age Broons Brownies
Bullying Bunter Burma
Butterfly Cajun Calf
Camel Canada Canadian
Canals Car Caravanning
Career Caribbean Carols
Carpentry Cars Cartoon
Cartoons Castle Cat
Caterpillar Cats Caving
Celtic Chalet School Channel Islands
Charity Charles I Charles II
Charlie Brown Cheetah Chemistry
Cheshire Chickens Childhood
Children Chile Chimpanzee
China China dogs Chinese
Christian Christmas Christopher Ecclestone
Church Cinema Circus
Civil War Classical Classical Rome
Classical Studies Clocks Clothes
Coal Mining Colin Baker Collecting
Collectors Pie Collie Colours
Columbus Comic strip Competiton
Computers Conjuring Conservation
Cookery Cooking Cornish
Cornwall Coronation Counting
Countryside Covenanters Cow
Cowboy Cowboys Crafting
Crafts Crete Cricket
Crime Crocodile Crocodiles
Crusades Cub Scout Cuba
Cumberland Cumbria Cut Out
Cybermen Cybernetics Cycling
Cyclone D'Aulnoy Daily Mail
Daleks Dalmatian Dan Dare
Dancing Dandy Dark Ages
Dartmoor David Tennant Day School
Death Deep Space Nine Deer
Denmark Dentist Deptford
Detective Devon Diamond Mining
Diary Dickens Didactic
Diet Dinosaur Dinosaurs
Disability Discworld Disease
Disney Diving Divorce
Doctor Who Dodie Smith Dog
Dogs Doll Dolls
Dolphins Donkey Donkeys
Dormice Dorset Dr Seuss
Dragon Drama Drawing
Dreams Dressing Up Drugs
Duckling Ducks Dungeons and Dragons
Dutch Eagle Early 20th century
Earthquake East Anglia Easter
Eastern Eastern European Ecology
Education Educational Edward I
Edward VI Edward VII Edwardian
Egypt Einstein Elba
Electricity Elephant Elinor Brent Dyer
Elizabeth II Elizabethan English Civil War
Environment Epilepsy Epistolary
Eskimo Espionage Essays
Europe Evacuee Evacuees
Evangelical Evangelism Exmoor
Exploration Fables Facsimile
Fairground Fairies Fairy
Fairy Tale Fairytale Familky
Family Famous Five Fantasy
Far East Farm Farming
Farmyard Fashion Film
Finland Fire First World War
Fish Fishing Flea
Flight Flooding Florence
Flowers Flying Foldaway
Folk Folk Tale Folk Tales
Food Football Foreign Language
Fossils Fostering Fox
Foxes France French
French Language French Revolution Friendship
Frog Fungi Games
Gang Garden Gardening
Geese Gem Facs Geography
Geology George I George III
Gerbils German German Language
Germany Gerry Anderson Geyser
Ghana Ghetto Ghost
Ghosts Giants Gibralter
Gilbert and Sullivan Giles Gimlet
Girl Guide Girls' School Glasses
Gnomes Goat Goblin
Gold Rush Golden Retriever Goose
Gorilla Greece Greek
Greek Myths Greenland Grey Squirrel
Greyfriars Greyhound Growing up
Guides Guiding Guinea Pig
Guy Fawkes Gypsy Halloween
Hamster Handicrafts Hardy Boys
Hawaii Health Hebrides
Hedgehog Helicopter Heligoland
Henry IV Henry VI Heraldry
Herefordshire Hero Hiccoughs
Hillsden Riots Hippopotamus Historical
History Hobbit Hobby
Hobgoblin Hockey Holiday
Holograms Homelessness Honduras
Hong Kong Horrible Histories Horror
Horse Horse Racing Horseracing
Horses Hospital Hostage
Hot Air Balloons Humour Hungarian
Hungary Husky Ice Age
Iceberg Iceland Illustration
Image Immigrant Incas
India Indian Inland Waterway
Inland Waterways Insects Instructional
Internet Iranian Iraq
Ireland Irish Irish-American
Ironbridge Isle of Man Isles of Scilly
Israel Italian Italy
Jackanory Jacobite Jamaica
Jamaican James Bond James II
Japan Jazz Jewish
JHistory Jigsaw Johnny Morris
Jokes Jon Pertwee Jordan
Jungle Just William Kent
Kenya Kidnapping King Alfred
King Arthur King Charles Spaniel Kite
Kitten Knights Koala
Ladybird Lake District Lamb
Lancashire Lapland Large Print
Late - Victorian Learning Difficulties Lee Majors
Legend leprechaun Lewis Carroll
Libya Life Lift The Flap
Lift-the-Flap Lighthouse Lilliputians
Limericks Lion Lions
Literary Literary fairy tale Little Bear Library
Little Golden Book Little Miss Lizards
Loch Ness Lone Pine Lord of the Rings
Luddites Lyman Frank Baum Magic
Magnet Magpie Malaysia
Mallorca Manners Maori
Map Marine Life Marlow
Mathematics Maths Maurice Maeterlinck
Mayflower Medical Medicine
Medieval Memoir Memoirs
Mermaid Mesopotamia Mexico
Mice Mickey Mouse Middle Ages
Middle East Milne Miners' strike
Miniature Book Mining Mink
Missionary Moles Money
Mongols Monkey Monkeys
Monmouth rebellion Monsters Moomin
Moose Moral Moth
Motor Bikes Motorbikes Motorcycle
Motorcycling Mountaineering Mounties
Mouse Movie Mr Men
Mule Mushroom Music
Mycenae Mystery Mythological
Myths Napoleonic Narnia
Narrative Narrowboat Native American
Natural History Nature Nature Study
Navy Needlework Neighbours
Nessie Netball Netherlands
New Brunswick New Guinea New Mexico
New Zealand Newfoundland Nigeria
Nightingale Noah Noddy
Noise Non-Fiction Nonsense
Norfolk Broads Norse Northern Ireland
Norway Novelty Nuclear
Numbers Nursery Rhymes Nursing
Oakapple Wood Oil drilling Old age
Old French Old Testament Omnibus
Oor Wullie Opera Operetta
Orphan Orphange Otter
Otters Outback Outlaws
Owl Owls Oxfordshire
Pacific Islands Painting Pakistan
Palaeontology Palestine Panda
Paper Modelling Paranormal Parliment
Parody Passtime Patrick Troughton
Paul McCartney Pbird Peanuts
Penguin Perrault Peru
Pet Peter Davison Peter Pan
Peterloo Phillipines Physics
Pictorial Covers Pig Pigeon
Pigs Pioneering Piracy
Pirate Plane Planes
Playground Poetry Pokemon
Poland Polar Bear Police
Polynesian Pony Pop Music
Pop Ups Pop-Up Popeye
Portugal Post- Apocalyptic Postcard
Prayer Pre-History Pre-school
Prehistory Prep School Primary school
Prison Prospecting Protest
Public School Puffin Picture Book Pugwash
Punch and Judy Puppet Puppets
Puzzle Book Puzzles Quaker
Quest Quiz Rabbit
Rabbits Race Relations Racism
Radio Rags to Riches Railway Engines
Railways Rangers Rats
Raven Reader Reading
Reading Primer Reading Scheme Red Squirels
Redwall Reference Refugee
Relationship Relationships Relativity
Religion Religious Renaissance
Reptiles Rescue Review Copy
Revolt Rhodesia Rhyme
Rhymes River Road
Road accident Road Safety Robin Hood
Robinsonade Robot Robots
Roman Romance Romano-British
Royal Royal Family Rubbalong Tales
Runaways Running Rupert
Ruritanian Russia Russian
Rye S.A.S. Sailing
Sailor Saints Salvation Army
Samurai Satire Scandinavia
Scandinavian Scarecrow Scarecrows
School School Reader Science
Science Fiction Scientists Scilly Isles
Scotland Scottish Scout
Sculpture Sea Sea Lion
Seagull Seal Seaside
Seconday school Secret Seven Serbia
Seychelles Islands Shakespeare Shaped Book
Shapes Sheep Sheepdog
Ships Shipwreck Short Stories
Showjumping Shropshire Siberia
Siblings Sicily Signed
Silurians Singapore Skating
Skiing Skunk Slave Trade
Slavery Smuggling Snail
Snakes Snooker Snoopy
Social Realism Soldier Soldiers
Somerset Sooty Sound
South Africa South America South East Asia
South Pacific Space Spain
Spaniel Spanish Spanish Civil War
Spider Sport Spy
Spying Squirrel Star Trek
Star Wars Stargazing Stars
Steve Austin Stone Age Strip cartoons
Submarine Sudan Sunny Stories
Superhero Superman Supernatural
Suspense Sussex Swallows
Swans Sweden Swedish
Swimming Swiss Switzerland
T.V. Tanzania Tarzan
Technology Teddy Bear Teenage
Temperance Tennis Texas
Thailand The Famous Five The Frog's Chorus
The Mounties The Plague Theatre
Thomas Tank Engine Three Day War Three Investigators
Thriller Tiger Tiger Annual
Time Paradox Time Shift Time Slip
Time-Slip Tin Mines Tom Baker
Topper Tortoise Toy
Toys Tractors Trains
Travel Treasure Treasure Hunt
Trees Tripoli Trolls
Truancy Tudor Tugboat
Turkish Turtles TV
Twins Uighur Ukraine
Unicorn USSR Vampire
Venezuela Verse Victor
Victorian Vietnam Viking
Vikings Vintage Cars Violin
Virginia Virtual Reality Volcano
Vole Wales Walt Disney
War War of Independace War of the Roses
Welsh Welsh Terrier Werewolf
Western Whale Whales
Whaling Whipsnade Whitney
Wild West Wildcat Wildlife
William William Hartnell Windmills
Winter Witches Wizards
Wolf Wolves Woodcarving
Woodpecker World World War 1
World War 2 Worrals Yorkshire
Young Adult Young Children Zambia
Zimbabwe Zoo

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