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It's Walter under the Bridge

It's Walter under the Bridge


Illustrations by Graeme Bowen

ISBN: 9780992654214.

1st edition, published by Whitney Bridge Publishing in .

30cm x 21cm.
The story of Walter, the 240 year-old Troll who lives beneath the toll-bridge at Whitney on Wye, a few miles downstream from Hay on Wye.
Every bridge has its very own troll living underneath it - some are good and some are nasty. Walter is a lovely, friendly and sometimes a little bit vulnerable troll who suddenly finds himself homeless after a brush with three nasty trolls.
'It's Walter under the Bridge' follows the story of Walter's adventures as he sets off to find another home and discovers new friends at Whitney Bridge.
Mint condition.

(Picture, Trolls, Whitney, Bridge)

Catalogue Number: #104278

Price: £8.50

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