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A Bad Spell for the Worst Witch (1)
A Basket of Surprises (1)
A Bear called Paddington (2)
A Bed for the Mouse (1)
A Belief for Children (1)
A Big Country: More Stories about the People of Australia (1)
A Biggles Omnibus (1)
A Bit of a muddle (1)
A Bit of Give and Take (2)
A Blazing Torch (1)
A Blossom Promise (1)
A Boffee Bear on the Moon (1)
A Book about Heat (1)
A Book of Adventure Stories (1)
A Book of Bears (1)
A Book of Children's Verse (1)
A Book of Common Birds (1)
A Book of Fabulous Beasts (1)
A Book of Mice (1)
A Book of Milliganimals (1)
A Book of Pig Tales (1)
A Book of Princes and Princesses (1)
A Book of Seasons (1)
A Bottled Cherry Angel (1)
A Box of Tricks (1)
A boy in the doghouse (1)
A Brave Little Royalist (1)
A Breath of Fresh Air (2)
A Brew of Witches (1)
A Bucketful of Stories for Six Year Olds (2)
A Candle for St Georgios (1)
A Candle in the Night (1)
A Caribbean Mystery (1)
A Castle of Bone (1)
A Cat and Mouse Story (1)
A Chalet School Headmistress (2)
A Chance Child (1)
A child of their own (1)
A Child's Book of Trees (1)
A Child's Garden of Verses (14)
A Child's Grace (1)
A Childhood (1)
A Children's Treasury of Milligan (1)
A Chilling Collection (1)
A Christmas Card (1)
A Christmas Carol (3)
A Christmas Carol and The Cricket on the Hearth (1)
A Christmas Garland of Carols, Holiday Rhymes, Prayers and Graces (1)
A Christmas Scrapbook (1)
A Christmas Stocking (1)
A Christmas Tree (1)
A Collection of Riding Stories (1)
A Comedy of Love and Seaweed (1)
A Comrade's Troth (1)
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (1)
A Country ABC (1)
A Creature in the Dark (1)
A Cup of Starshine (1)
A Dancer from the Abbey (3)
A Daughter Like M (1)
A Daughter of the Empire (1)
A Day in the Woods (1)
A Devil to Ride (1)
A Disturbing Influence (1)
A Dog called Houdini (1)
A Dog called Nelson (1)
A Dog called Scampi (1)
A Dog Day (1)
A dog so small (1)
A Dolls' House Book (1)
A Donkey called Dando (1)
A Donkity Crisis (1)
A Dragon in Summer (1)
A Duck so Small (1)
A Fairy called Andy Perks (1)
A Fairy Garland (1)
A Family for Fred (2)
A Family of Donkeys (1)
A Family of Foxes (1)
A Family Project (1)
A Far Sunset (1)
A Fear of Heights (1)
A Fifth Form Martyr (1)
A First 'Do You Know' Book (1)
A First Book of Saints (1)
A First Ladybird Key Words Picture Dictionary (1)
A First look at Flowers and Flowering Plants (1)
A Flavour of Israel (1)
A Flea in the Ear (1)
A Flier of the Northland (1)
A Flight of Swans (1)
A Floating World (1)
A Flower of Jet (2)
A Fly Went By (1)
A foal for Candy (1)
A Foreign Affair (1)
A Forest World (1)
A Fourth Form Friendship (1)
A Friend for Barney (1)
A Funny Thing Happened (1)
A Future Chalet School Girl (1)
A Galleon (1)
A Gallery of Children (1)
A Game of Soldiers (3)
A Garland for Isabella: A Language of Flowers (1)
A Ghastly Shade of Green (1)
A Ghost of a Chance (1)
A Ghostly Playmate (1)
A Gift for Mama (1)
A Girl at the Helm (3)
A Girl Governess or Ella Dalton's Success (1)
A Girl like Abby (1)
A Girl of the Fourth (1)
A Girl of Yesterday (1)
A Girl's Hobby Book (1)
A Golden Thread (1)
A Golden Treasury of Nursery Verse (1)
A Goodly Heritage (1)
A Green Wishbone (1)
A Gruesome Body (2)
A Handful of Darkness (1)
A Handful of Thieves (1)
A Handguide to the Wild Animals of Britain and Europe (1)
A Harbour Light (1)
A Haunting Refrain (2)
A Head Girl's Difficulties (1)
A Heart of Gold (1)
A Helping Hand (1)
A Hippo Doing Backstroke (1)
A Hole in her Pocket and Other Stories (3)
A horse and a hound a goat and a gander (1)
A Horse for the Summer (1)
A House called Creepers (1)
A House for a Rabbit (1)
A House in Town (2)
A House Inside out (2)
A House is not a Home (1)
A Hundred Million Francs (1)
A Job for the Jays (1)
A Journey through Italy (1)
A Journey to the Centre of the Earth (1)
A Kind of Wild Justice (3)
A Kindred Spirit (1)
A Kitten for Christmas (1)
A Kitten Named Cuddles (1)
A Kitten Named Cuddles, Sneeze-O-Saurus, and Sara's Biggest Valentine (1)
A Knight and his Castle (1)
A Lady of High Degree (1)
A Ladybird Book about Dogs (1)
A Ladybird Book about Horses (1)
A Ladybird Book of Ballet (1)
A Ladybird Book of Musical Instruments (1)
A Ladybird Third Picture Book (2)
A Leg at Each Corner (1)
A Letter goes to Sea (1)
A Light in the Black (1)
A Likely Lad (2)
A Likely Place (1)
A Little Bigalow Story (1)
A Little book of Bunnies and Bears (1)
A Little Book of Robin Hood (1)
A Little Brown Tea-Pot (1)
A Little Captive Maid (1)
A Little Dog called Kitty (1)
A Little Love (2)
A Little Magic for the Browns (2)
A Little Radiant Girl (1)
A Little Silver Trumpet (1)
A Load of fun (1)
A Long way to go (1)
A look at Life in the Sixties (1)
A Lost Opportunity, or the Artist's Mistake (1)
A Loyal Little Maid (1)
A Madcap (1)
A Maid in Armour (1)
A Maid of the Moor (1)
A Man from Glasgow and Mackintosh (1)
A Map for Giants (1)
A Map of Nowhere (1)
A Matter of Clues (1)
A Medal for Poppy, The Pluckiest Pig in the World (1)
A Moment in Rhyme (1)
A Moor of Spain (2)
A Mouse in my Roof (1)
A Mouse in Winter (1)
A Mystery of the Sea (1)
A Nag called Wednesday (1)
A Narrow Escape for Princess Sharon (1)
A Nasty Piece of Work (2)
A Near Thing for Captain Najork (1)
A New Beginning (1)
A New Book of Games (1)
A New Friend (1)
A Nice Fire and Some Moonpennies (1)
A Night of Lullabies (1)
A Noble Sacrifice (1)
A Nursery Geography (1)
A Pack Scouter's Activity Book (1)
A Pact with Death (1)
A Pageant of Dolls (1)
A Pair of Desert-Wellies (3)
A Pair of Jesus-boots (1)
A Pair of Knight-Errants (2)
A Pair of Schoolgirls (1)
A Parcel of Patterns (2)
A Party for Lester (1)
A Patchwork of Ghosts (2)
A Peaceable Kingdom - The Shaker ABECEDARIUS (1)
A Peculiar Gift (1)
A Peep Behind the Scenes (2)
A Penny for the Guy (1)
A Perilous Adventure (1)
A Piece of Cake (1)
A Pig in a Poke (1)
A Pistol in Greenyards (2)
A Pitiful Place (1)
A Place to Call Home (1)
A Plucky Chap (1)
A Plunder of Pirates (1)
A Pocket Full of Seeds (2)
A Pocketbook of Painful Puns & Poems (1)
A Pocketful of Mice (1)
A Pony for Two (1)
A Present for a Little Boy (1)
A Prince in Danger (1)
A Problem for Mother Christmas (1)
A Problem for the Chalet School (1)
A Proper Little Nooryeff (1)
A Puff of Smoke (1)
A Puffin Quartet of Poets (1)
A Puzzle for Apatosaurus (1)
A Puzzle for Princess Ellie (1)
A Puzzling Pair (1)
A quiet night in (1)
A Quiet Time for Molly (1)
A Rainbow in the Morning (1)
A Rebel at Rowans (1)
A Rebel Schoolgirl (1)
A River ran out of Eden (2)
A Round-the-Year Brownie Book (1)
A Saint George of King Charles' Days (1)
A Satchel of School Stories (2)
A Saturday in Pudney (2)
A Scary Story (2)
A School goes to Scotland (1)
A Seal Upon my Heart (2)
A Seaside Holiday for Jane and Toby (1)
A Second 'Do You Know' Book (2)
A Second Book of Modern Poetry (1)
A Second Ladybird Book of British Birds and their nests (1)
A Second Ladybird Key Words Picture Dictionary and Spelling Book (2)
A Secret Place (1)
A Selection from Marigold Garden (1)
A Sense of Shame and Other Stories (1)
A Serpent's Tooth (1)
A Sheltering Tree (1)
A Shepherd's Crook (1)
A Single Light (1)
A Sister for Helen (1)
A Sister for Sam (1)
A Small Piece of Paradise (1)
A Small Pudding for Wee Gowrie and Other Stories of Underground Creatures (1)
A Snake in the Old Hut (2)
A Solitary Blue (1)
A Song for Christmas (1)
A Special Place for Edward James (2)
A Stable for Jill (2)
A Star for Starlight (2)
A Star for the Latecomer (2)
A Sting in the Tale (1)
A Stone for my Keepsake (1)
A Storm without Rain (1)
A Story Party at Green Hedges (1)
A Street of Little Shops (1)
A Strong and Willing Girl (1)
A Sudden Puff of Glittering Smoke (1)
A Sudden Silence (1)
A Sudden Slience (1)
A Sultana for the Sultan (1)
A Summer Ghost (1)
A Summer in a Canyon - A Californian Story (1)
A Summer Witching (1)
A Sunday Trip (1)
A Sword to slice through Mountains (1)
A Tale told by Two (1)
A Taste of Blackberries (1)
A Taste of Freedom (1)
A Temporary Open Air Life (1)
A Terrible Coward and Son Philip (1)
A Thief in the Village (1)
A Thief in the Village and Other Stories (2)
A Third 'Do You Know' Book (1)
A Thousand Capricious Chances : History of the Methuen List, 1889-1989 (1)
A Thrilling Term at Janeways (1)
A Tide Flowing (1)
A Time of Bears (1)
A Time to Keep: The Tasha Tudor Book of Holidays (1)
A Time to Reap (1)
A Toast to the King (1)
A Touch of Class (1)
A Treasury of Christmas Tales (1)
A Treasury of Classic Stories (1)
A Treasury of Giant and Monster Stories (1)
A Treasury of Stories for Seven Year Olds (1)
A Trick of the Dark (1)
A Trip to the Tip (1)
A Troublesome Trio (1)
A Unicorn Journal (1)
A Valley Full of Pipers (1)
A Vanished Nation (1)
A Visit to Santa Claus (1)
A Visual Journey Though Man's Lifetime On Earth (1)
A Voice in the Night (1)
A Waiting Game (1)
A Walk down the Pier (4)
A Walk in the Dark (1)
A Walk to the Hills of the Dreamtime (1)
A Walk with Smudge (1)
A Watcher in the Woods (1)
A Whiff of Burnt Boats (1)
A will and a way (1)
A Window in the Sail (1)
A Window of Sky (1)
A wish for Wings (1)
A Woman among Savages (1)
A Wonder Book (2)
A World of Fairy Tales, Volume 5 (1)
A World of Girls: The Story of a School (1)
A World of Winnie-the-Pooh (1)
A Worm's Eye View (1)
A Year with the Naismiths (1)
A Young Person's Guide to Ballet (1)
A Young Person's Guide to Ghosts (1)
A Young Pretender (1)
A-ha Special (1)
A-Riding we will go (1)
A. L. C. O. H. O. L. (1)
Aaron in the Wild Woods (1)
Abbot's Cleeve (1)
ABC (3)
ABC of the Universe (1)
Abdi (1)
About a Motor Car (1)
About Maps (2)
About Wise Men and Simpletons (1)
Abroad, a Victorian Excursion to the Continent (1)
Absolutely Green (1)
According to Jennings (7)
Ackford's Monster (1)
Acting and Theatre (1)
Action annual 1977 (1)
Action Man Bumper 1996 Annual (1)
Action Rhymes (1)
Activity Guides: Angling (1)
Acts of Love (1)
Adam of Pendle Grange (1)
Adam was here (2)
Adaora, a tale of West Africa (1)
Addiction In the News (1)
Addition (1)
Adelaide's Naughty Granny (1)
Adrian Mole the Wilderness Years (2)
Adrienne (1)
Adventure Acre (1)
Adventure at Brackendale (1)
Adventure for Boys (1)
Adventure for Charlie (1)
Adventure in Acorn Wood (1)
Adventure in the West (1)
Adventure in the Wood (1)
Adventure of the Strange Ruby (1)
Adventure of Three Wise Elves (1)
Adventure on Padre Island (1)
Adventure on Skull Island (2)
Adventure on Skull Island and Peril at the Pirate School (1)
Adventure on the Island (10a) (1)
Adventure Stories: Mischief at St Rollo's and The Children of Kidillin (2)
Adventurer's all: A Tale of the Philippine Islands in War Time (1)
Adventures at Windsor Castle (1)
Adventures in Odyssey: A Strange Journey Back (1)
Adventures in Toytown (1)
Adventures of Marshall Vavasour (1)
Adventures of Pip (1)
Adventures of Rupert (2)
Adventures of Tim Rabbit (1)
Adventures of Zot the Dog (1)
Adventures on Willow Farm (1)
Adventures with Paper (1)
Adventures with the Flower Fairies (1)
Aesop's Fables (1)
Afke's Ten (1)
African Queen (1)
After the First Death (1)
After the Raft Race (1)
After the Rain (1)
Afterthought House (1)
Against the Storm (2)
Agent Z and the Penguin from Mars (1)
Agent Z goes wild (1)
Agib and the Honey Cakes (1)
Ahmed, Prince of Ashira (1)
Aidan and the Strollers (1)
Aids to Reading (1)
Air Patrol and the Hijackers (1)
Air Patrol and the Secret Intruders (1)
Air Patrol and the Underwater Spies (1)
Air, Wind and Flight (1)
Airborne (1)
Airborne Animals: How they Fly (1)
Aircraft (2)
Ak (1)
Aku meets Kamu (1)
Al B and Anchovy (1)
Aladdin (1)
Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp (2)
Aladdin and Other Tales from the Arabian Nights (2)
Aladdinetta and Co (1)
Alan and Naomi (1)
Albert (1)
Albert le Blanc (1)
Albert's Christmas (1)
Albert's World Tour (1)
Albeson and the Germans (1)
Alec Green (2)
Alex and the Baby (1)
Alexander and the Star Part (1)
Alexander in Trouble (1)
Alexander the Great and His Claim to Fame (1)
Alf Gorilla (2)
Alf Gorilla Adrift (1)
Alfred Hitchcock's Sinister Spies (1)
Alfred Mouse (1)
Ali and the Robots (1)
Alice in Wonderland (6)
Alice in Wonderland and through the Looking-Glass (1)
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (6)
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and through the Looking-Glass (4)
Alice's Adventures Under Ground (1)
Alice's Part (2)
Alice's World Record (1)
Alien Force (1)
Aliens to Earth - Stories of Strange Visitors (1)
Alison and the Witch's Cave (1)
Alison's Ambition: The story of a scholarship (1)
All Aboard or Life on the Lake (1)
All Aboard the Whale! (2)
All About a Brownie (1)
All about House Plants (1)
All about Julius Caesar (1)
All About Otters (1)
All Alone in the World (1)
All I ever Ask (1)
All in Fun (1)
All in the Family (1)
All join in (1)
All Kinds: Who Cares Abour Race and Colour? (1)
All my Men (2)
All on Wheels (1)
All Play and No Work (1)
All sorts of Animals (1)
All sorts of Days (1)
All sorts of Poems (1)
All Stars Football Book 1977 (1)
All Stars Football Book 1978 (1)
All the fun of the fair (1)
All the King's Men (1)
All the Mowgli Stories (1)
All the way to Wits' End (1)
All this and Snoopy, too (1)
All through the Year (2)
All Together Now (1)
All Too True (1)
All we know (2)
All you need is love (1)
All's Well (1)
Allan Quatermain (1)
Alley Dogs Water Hunt (1)
Allotment Lane School Again (1)
Almena's Dogs (1)
Almost Sisters (1)
Alone in London (1)
Alphabeasts (1)
Always on the Move (1)
Amadans Alert (1)
Amazing Facts (1)
Amazing Magic Tricks (1)
Amazing Maisy's Family Tree (1)
Amazing Schemes Within your Genes (1)
Ambari! (1)
Amber Brown Goes Fourth (2)
Amber Brown is not a Crayon (2)
Amber Storybook (1)
Amelia Jane Again (1)
Amelia Jane Gets into Trouble (1)
Amelia Jane is Naughty Again! (1)
American Football Special (1)
American Stories (1)
An Alien for Christmas (1)
An Almost Perfect Robbery (1)
An American Ghost (1)
An Arkful of Animals (1)
An Ear for Danger and Hollywood Horror (1)
An Early Start to Science (1)
An Edinburgh Road (1)
An Edwardian Album (1)
An Eighteenth Century Scottish Highlander (1)
An Elephant for Muthu (1)
An Elizabethan Sailor (1)
An Eye for Colour (1)
An Identification Guide to Dog Breeds (1)
An Illustrated Guide to Diving (1)
An Inch of Candle (1)
An Interview with Jenny Nimmo (1)
An Open Mind (2)
An Orange Robin Story Book (1)
An Overpraised Season (2)
An Owl and Three Pussycats (1)
An Unexpected Schoolgirl (1)
An Unpopular Schoolgirl (1)
An Unwilling Hero (1)
Anastasia Morningstar (1)
Ancient Africa (1)
Ancient Cities (1)
And a Wolf was Born (1)
And Peakie lived Happily ever After (1)
And the Wind Blows Free (1)
And then a Harvest Feast (1)
Andersen's Fairy Tales (3)
Andi's War (1)
Andrew and the Gargoyle (1)
Andrew Golding - A Tale of the Great Plague (1)
Andrew takes the Plunge (1)
Androcles and the Lion (1)
Andy keeps a Secret (1)
Andy Pandy and the Gingerbread Man (1)
Angel and the Box of Time (1)
Angel and the Flying Stallions (1)
Angel Pig (1)
Angela has Wings (1)
Angela's Farm Babies (1)
Angelina's Christmas (1)
Angels - Messengers from Heaven (1)
Angels on Horseback (1)
Angie's First class (1)
Angler's Mail Annual 1978 (1)
Angler's Mail Annual 1980 (1)
Angler's Mail Annual 1981 (1)
Angler's Mail Annual 1983 (1)
Angry River (1)
Angus Rides the Goods Train (1)
Animal Activity Book: Horses (1)
Animal Adventures (1)
Animal Allsorts (1)
Animal Fair (2)
Animal Friends (1)
Animal Heroes (1)
Animal Homes (1)
Animal Life: Staying Alive (1)
Animal Lives: The Barn Owl (1)
Animal Lore and Disorder (1)
Animal Magic (1)
Animal Pictures (1)
Animal Poems (1)
Animal Poisoners (1)
Animal Stories (3)
Animal Stories for Boys (1)
Animal Stories from Ice-field, Plain and Jungle (1)
Animal Stories: Six Cousins at Mistletoe Farm and Six Cousins Again (1)
Animal Tales from Many Lands (1)
Animals and Insects under the Microscope (1)
Animals have lots of fun (1)
Animals of the World (1)
Animals on the Ceiling (1)
Animals, Birds and Plants of the Bible (2)
Animals, tracks and signs (1)
Ann Aurelia and Dorothy (1)
Ann Rankin and the Lost Valley (1)
Ann Thorne - Reporter (1)
Anna Yesterday (1)
Anna, Grandpa and the Big Storm (3)
Anna, Grandpa, and the Big Storm (1)
Annabelle and Augustus (1)
Annabelle Pig and the Travellers and Benjamin Pig and the Apple Thieves (1)
Annancy Stories (1)
Anne Frank's Diary (1)
Anne of Green Gables (1)
Anne of the Island (2)
Anne of Windy Poplars (1)
Anne's House of Dreams (3)
Anne's Terrible Good Nature (1)
Annerton Pit (1)
Anno's Counting Book (1)
Anno's Hat Tricks (1)
Another Country (1)
Another Day (1)
Another Fine Mess (1)
Another Heaven Another Earth (2)
Another six and twenty tales (1)
Another Very First Poetry Book (1)
Answers Annual (1)
Ansylike (1)
Antelope Singer (1)
Anthony and the Aardvark (1)
Antigrav (2)
Ape in Space (1)
Apocalypse (1)
Applegate (1)
Appley Dapply's Nursery Rhymes (1)
Appointment with a Stranger (1)
Apprentice at Arms (1)
April Fools (1)
April's Kittens (1)
Aquila (1)
Aranda Boy (1)
Arcade (1)
Architecture - Shown to the Children (1)
Architecture shown to the Children (1)
Are you Listening, Karen? (2)
Are you my Mother? (1)
Are you pirates? (1)
Are you Ready? (1)
Aren't the Wonderful! (1)
Ariel's Friend (1)
Arilla Sun down (2)
Arion and the Dolphin (1)
Aristotle Sludge - A Modern-Day Dinosaur (1)
Ark Angel (1)
Armada Quest (1)
Armada Story Book 1 (1)
Armarda Story Book 1 (1)
Around the Seasons (1)
Around the World in Eighty Days (2)
Arrows of Desire (1)
Art for Children: Frederick Remington (1)
Art School (1)
Artemis Fowl (1)
Artemis Fowl and the Last Guardian (1)
Artemis Fowl, the Opal Deception (3)
Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident (2)
Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code (3)
Arthur and the Purple Panic (1)
Arthur the Outlaw (1)
Arthur's Last stand (1)
Arthur's Mystery Envelope (1)
Arthur's Stack (1)
Arthur: The Seeing Stone (1)
As 1001 Horus de Asterix (1)
As Big as the Ark (2)
As Saturday in Pudney (1)
As seen on TV (2)
As we sweep through the deep - A story of the stirring times of old (2)
Ash Road (1)
Asian Mammals (1)
Ask Doctor Pete (1)
Ask Me Why (1)
Ask Oliver: The Mystery of the Haunted Hospital (1)
Asterix to the Rescue (1)
Astrosaurs Academy - Terror Underground (1)
At Ardilla (1)
At Home (1)
At Madam Muriel's (1)
At Seaside Cottage (1)
At the Fair (1)
At the Foot of the Rainbow (1)
At the Grey Farm (1)
At the Sign of the Dog and Rocket (2)
At the Sign of the Windmill (1)
At War with Tomorrow (1)
At Willie Tucker's Place (1)
Atishoo! Atishoo! All Fall Down! (1)
Atlantis Station (1)
Attack of the Killer Fishfingers (1)
Attack of the Time Spiders (1)
Attack of the Vampirates (2)
Attila the Hen (1)
ATV Television Star Book (1)
Audun and the Bear (1)
August, die she must (1)
Augusta (1)
Aunt Bell (1)
Aunt Lizzie's Little Friend and Other Stories (1)
Aunt Nancy and Old Man Trouble (1)
Aunt Sally (1)
Auntie Robbo (1)
Australian Adventure (1)
Authors' Choice 2 (1)
Avalanche! (2)
Averil's Ambition (1)
Avoid becoming and Egyptian Pyramid Builder (1)
Avril (2)
Awaiting Developments (4)
Away in the Wilderness (1)
Away went Galloper (1)
Awful Annie and the Squeaking Chop (1)
Awful Annie Stories (1)
Awful End (1)
Aztec Gold (2)