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Tourist Information
The official homepage for Hay on Wye tourist information. 01497 820144.
The Hay Festival
Homepage of the famous Hay Festival of Literature.
The philosophy and music festival at Hay. Runs at the same time as the main Hay festival, at the Globe and Riverside sites.
Places of interest
The website of the Whitney on Wye toll bridge (home of Walter the Troll).
Other Hay on Wye Booksellers
Specialist dealer in the 'Ladybird' books, and similar publications.
General book dealer, located behind Roses Books, by the clock tower.
The official homepage of Richard Booth, M.B.E. - the founder of the first of the many Hay on Wye bookshops.
The homepage of Booth Books, the original, and largest, bookshop in Hay on Wye.
A large general secondhand bookshop located in the town's former cinema.
Buys and sells Motoring and Motor Racing books and Automobilia. 01497 821046.
General book dealers in the Backfold, Hay on Wye.
General book dealers located in the Backfold, Hay on Wye.
Specialises in railways and transport books. Next to Kilvert's Inn in Hay on Wye.
Books on music, sheet music and scores. Classical CDs and DVDs.
Another specialist childrens' book dealer.
Three shops, selling general books and also crime fiction.
Specialists in poetry books.
General secondhand books.
Specialists in maps and prints.
Charles Dickens specialist, plus bindings and antiquarian.
A diverse group of almost twenty specialist book dealers, operating from a single premises on Broad Street, across the road from the Three Tuns pub.
Specialist in natural history books.
A subsidiary of Hay Cinema Bookshop.
Antiquarian and rare books specialist.
Dealer in music, movies and books, in the Backfold, Hay on Wye. 07527 298199.
General secondhand books in nearby Brecon. 01874 620086.
General secondhand books in nearby Eardisley. 01544 327285.
General bookdealer in nearby Dorstone. (Phone for appointment) 01497 831668.
Mainly non-fiction bookdealer, chiefly humanities.
Bookbinding and Repairs
Bookbinders and repairers.
Bookbinders and repairers. 01497821983.
Arthur Rackham
Founded in 1984 to share enthusiasm and exchange information about the illustrator, as well as to encourage book collecting, the art of book illustration, and high quality in the production of children's books.
Biggles and W.E. Johns websites
The only official registered organization in the world of people interested in, or collecting, the works of Captain W.E. Johns. It has been in existence since 1985 and in the Netherlands alone has over 450 members, with more in the UK, Belgium, France, Scandinavia etc. Their at least 56 page "Biggles News Magazine", mostly in Dutch, is published every two months. In the magazine you will find original work by Captain W.E. Johns. Members are of all ages, men as well as women. Many of them, apart from being collectors of Johns' works, are interested in aeroplanes and flying, or other children's books. The I.B.A. has strong ties with the collector's world, the world of aviation as well as the literary world!
Enid Blyton
The quarterly publication for all Enid Blyton enthusiasts. A small payment is available for all published articles of 700+ words. Send a SAE for subscription details to: Green Hedges (CB), 16 Edward Street, Anstey, Leicester, LE7 7DP, U.K.
Lewis Carroll
Useful information for the Carroll enthusiast as well as the novice and all those in between.
Malcolm Saville
The Malcolm Saville Society was formed in 1994 by Richard Walker and Mark O'Hanlon, to celebrate the work of this well-known children's writer.