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Selling books to us

As well as selling books, we also buy them. We buy children's and young adult books and a few related items, but will not usually purchase books written for adults. What we will buy varies over time, depending on what items we currently need, what is currently in demand and what we can afford to spend at the time. Generally, we do not collect books from sellers, so you need to be able to bring to us any items that you wish to sell.

When purchasing general stock, we will usually offer to purchase books at £1 for hardback titles and 50p for paperback titles, depending upon the books being clean and in good condition. We may pay more for what we consider to be collectible titles and authors, again depending on the condition and other relevant factors. Any purchases are made entirely at our discretion.

We prefer it if you can phone or email us before bringing in any books that you wish to sell, especially any rare or collectible items, as this can avoid disappointment if we happen to not be buying at that time. Our contact details are at the bottom of this page.

If you wish to sell more than one or two books to us, it is useful if you email us a list beforehand. It does not have to be particularly detailed, but giving the title, author, publisher and date of each book, plus a note of any defects, is very helpful, e.g.:

Moominsummer Madness, Tove Janssen, Puffin 1975, covers creased.

Freckle Juice, Judy Bloom, MacMillan 2001, name written on flyleaf.

Five on a Hike Together, Enid Blyton, Hodder 1965, tape marks on endpapers, some scribble on back endpaper.


Please do not send us lists of books in Excel spreadsheets, if at all possible. They are quite unwieldy to work with and any spreadsheet lists we receive tend to go to the bottom of the pile. A plain text email is far easier for us to read and assess.

Also, please do not simply send us photographs of books, unless we specifically ask for them: if the photographs are not taken with great care and accompanied by a description, they do not necessarily tell us what we need to know about the books you are offering.

E-mail for general enquiries and selling: